Nonwoven fabrics


Nonwoven fabrics

The nonwoven fabric is divided into several categories, according to the need:

It is mainly used as a support in the coating, the transfer for the production of articles in artificial leather, as a basis for coupling and in the filtrations.

Regon SE - Regon S
used as a support for coated in the footwear industry.
A wide range of thicknesses and colors makes it usable for a wide range of uses.

The different fibers used, depending on their characteristics, determine the specifications of the final product, in addition to the use of polyester, using mixtures of different fibers such as viscose, polypropylene, polyamide.

Non-woven staple-use with different compositions such as viscose, polyester, polyamide or their blends, presented as synthetic latexes of different chemical nature and produced in a variety of weights.

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